Welcome to the future of Smart Grids.
In these movies the viewer becomes part of the story.
Without FLASH or WEBCAM you only can watch a recording.
Smart grids are innovations up and around the energy grid. They enable more efficient use of energy, the integration of more renewable energy and mutual exchange of energy. They will interact with our daily lives. Let's take a look into the future of smart grids: Grid Fiction.
Maybe within a few years Grid Fiction becomes reality. How is your smart grid product or service going to interact with habits, feelings and connections? Agentschap NL smart grid innovation program invites you to think about it.
A Moniker production
Commissioned by Agentschap NL
Concept & Direction:Moniker
Scenario:Kathrin Hero
Director of Photography:Sal Kroonenberg
Cast:Mara van Vlijmen
Reinout Bussemaker
Vincent Rietveld
Audio Recording:Peter Suyderhoud
Sound Design:Bo Koek & David Corel
Technical implementation:Reinier Feijen - Playability
Translation:Mason & Egmond
Assistance:Nadia Troeman
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